Monday, March 12, 2007

rabelais under construction

So our space for the new shop is under construction, although it's been a great deal easier than our house renovation last year. For the shop, we've only had to remove some plumbing (it was previously a hair salon), demolish two small dividing walls, pull up the floor, move the track lighting and paint the ceiling. Now we're ready to replace the baseboard moldings, treat the walls, and have the new floor installed. Then we can think about shelves!

Actually, the shelves are well under way at remote locations, so I'm hoping we will just bring them in finished and clean, and away we go. Of course it won't be so simple, but we're looking forward to a clean working space again. Our home is another story, where all of the many, many cases of used and rare books we've been purchasing for the space are piling up in every room. We've had to clean, price, and mylar over a thousand titles recently, and this is not something to do at home. The new titles will be arriving directly from publishers and distributors, an act which will undoubtedly endear us to the UPS man.

We still plan our soft opening for mid-April, and at this point, I see no reason that won't happen. Wish us luck.

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