Saturday, January 21, 2006


I'm a little behind things these days, having been preoccupied with our ongoing renovation. But I've learned that Joyce Godsey has been busy creating a blog linked to the Bibliophile newsgroup, as well as one of her own. She was nice enough to link to Casa Malaprop, which will surely result in at leat one person clicking through, only to ask, "what the heck does this have to do with books?". To be honest, lately, not much. But until our recent complete emersion into the world of Home Depot and This Old House, Casa Malaprop was a place for my general thoughts on things mostly book related, with a occasional left turns to food and drink topics. Here's a promise to get back on track with more books news, reports on reading and the general fads and foibles of the books dealing world. Thanks for looking in the meantime.


Colonel Colonel said...

[Looking several posts ago] Heat mat? Is that what I think it is? We just read about those in the paper *the* *day *after* our contractor installed the floor in our new mudroom/laundry room which has no source of heat, and to which we will probably end up running an (expensive) vent extension.

Oh well.

jgodsey said...

I coudl use a heat mat...under my apartment. The bills I get from bay State gas have 3 digits.