Thursday, September 29, 2005

folding chairs

It's a shame I can't find or make more time to blog these days. Things are happening at such a quick pace. Been spending much of my time demolishing a bathroom down to the studs, and preparing a kitchen for similar destruction. In between there's talking to contractors, chimney sweeps, tractor salesmen and loggers (about cord wood). A bit of a change from Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Samantha and I are glad we opted for Maine where we have so many skilled friends, instead of Columbia County or Vermont where we know few people. The bathroom tilework is in the able hands of our friend Mike G., while the kitchen cabinets are being designed and built by Dave our source for occasional free sailing and the owner of Bullhouse Boat Works, a heritage craft wooden boat building business. We assume our kitchen will float when it is complete. Having knowledgable people to bounce things off of is an indispensible plus.

Although we've spent thousands on new tools in the last month, our most precious purchase was the two folding chairs which remain almost all of the furniture in the new place (everything else remains in storage). For lunch, or when we're just too tired to continue at the end of the day, we drag the chairs to the edge of the "patio" (read gravel) and look out at the field. The past two days have brought a change in birdlife in the trees and hedgerows, and a flock of bluebirds have arrived, diving into the grass for crickets and who knows what else. There were high winds today, and while we sat eating our lunch a cracking noise came from the forest as a tree laid itself down.


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