Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life beyond the store

While the store occupies most of our time, we still make time for the important things like digging in the dirt, waiting for the appliance repairman and, occassionally, making new friends. This past week we put in extra time eating and drinking with some new folks, including a fantastic Portuguese meal and wines at the home of M. and B. and a needed relaxing evening at the farm of "The Goat People". They seem comfortable with the moniker, perhaps because they've spent the last year traveling the country to view goats in all circumstances. Margaret and Karl will be publishing a book on the subject this fall, and we can't wait to host a goat-centered event in their honor.

Around home we're still struggling to get the gardens up to speed, with the tomatos not in the ground. But new tomoto beds are almost ready, and the peas, young lettuces, radished and more seem to be doing just fine. I sifted what seemed like a ton of gravel into what will soon be a sunflower bed. With the barn red wall of the garage behind them, they should look great in late summer.

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